Synchronoss to Preview Next-Generation Personal Cloud Solution at CES

The Enhanced Synchronoss Personal Cloud Platform Includes New BackTrack, Genius, and Other AI Features, Focused on Improving Data Privacy, Security, and Photo Optimization


Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.

(“Synchronoss” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: SNCR), a global leader and innovator in cloud, messaging and digital products and platforms, today announced it will preview the next-generation Synchronoss Personal Cloud platform at CES in Las Vegas.

Synchronoss Personal Cloud makes it easy for users to store and backup photos, videos, and other digital files between mobile devices and the cloud. Delivered as a white-label solution through leading communications service providers, telecom carriers, and mobile operators, Synchronoss Personal Cloud currently supports more than 9 million subscribers worldwide. The platform is purpose-built for carriers and currently handles more than 5 million photos per day and manages 142 petabytes of storage.

The next-generation Synchronoss Personal Cloud adds BackTrack and Genius features as well as other functionality that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure data privacy and security, while adding capabilities to share files and optimize photos.

“Compared to free OTT cloud services, our Synchronoss Personal Cloud platform is designed to take advantage of telecom provider and carrier networks and enable them to deliver a highly scalable, feature-rich solution that allows subscribers to manage all their digital content,” said Jeff Miller, President and CEO of Synchronoss. “The new features and functionality offer even more capabilities to ensure data privacy and security.”

New Features & Functionality

  • BackTrack

    – in the event files are accidentally deleted, corrupted, or lost, BackTrack provides an easy-to-use capability to revert back and restore them. BackTrack retains old versions of backups for 30 days.

  • Genius

    – optimizing photos has never been easier. Genius enables subscribers to colorize black and white photos, enhance photos, and touch up faces, plus other optimization features.

  • Advanced Highlights

    – in addition to backing up photos and videos, machine learning is used to categorize and tag content so they can be easily highlighted, managed, and shared.

  • Private Folder

    – the new Private Folder feature allows subscribers to create a custom 6-digit pin-protected folder for added security to store and protect their confidential data such as tax documents, ID documentation, receipts and policies, and secret family recipes.

Attend the Explore Event

On January 26, Synchronoss will host Explore, an exclusive online event to demonstrate the next-generation Synchronoss Personal Cloud.

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